Spare Parts

HOWARD's implements are designed for simple and easy maintenance. Wear & tear spareparts are described in a special price list, to enable users to hold a limited stock, and thereby minimize machine down-time.

A picking rate over 98% has been continuously achieved by HOWARD's Parts Department, since the introduction of this benchmark monitor twelve years ago.

Model Download Owner's Manual

Rotavator B16

Rotavator B36

Rotaslasher HS 14

Rotaslasher HS 24

Rotaslasher HS 34

Rotaslasher HS 44

Rollermower HRM

Aerator HA

Grass Sweeper HSW

Fertilizer Spreaders HFS

Post-hole Digger PHD

Mulcher HM

Grader HMG

Bucket HMB

Road-bed soil Mixer Unimix

Road Sweeper HTS

Note: Above are current models. Please feel free to request charts for previous models. HOWARD spares are assured available at least 8 years after date of machine purchase.